He says...

            Jacek was born in Krakow, Poland and left for California when he was only 2 years old.  He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area with parents that love to travel the globe and live life to its fullest. Some of that spirit eventually rubbed off on him and he never could sit too long in one place without having the urge to see a new part of the world.  After completing two undergraduate degrees and a MBA from the University of Oregon, Jacek settled in Portland, Oregon and continued his interests. 

            During his 20's, Jacek owned a couple of businesses, built homes, started a company and accumulated properties and yet never gave up the traveling lifestyle.  He even bought a sailboat and spent 6 months sailing the Caribbean.  Now in his 30's, Jacek has explored over 50 countries around the world and is constantly looking for more adventure. 

            It was a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2009 where his life changed for the better and met a wonderful woman that inspired him even more.  It was  Jacek's birthday in July when they finally came together and turned a new page.  It wasn't long before their spirit of travel inspired them to find a new challenge in life.  It was this drive that inspired "50 States, 50 Dates" and let to the establishment of this webpage. 

She says... 

            Danielle was born and raised in upstate New York. While not traveling much as a child, the travel bug bit when she entered college. And it bit hard. Studying both Political Science and French, she put her studies to use on many traveling adventures throughout Africa, Asia and Europe. After graduating, she worked abroad in Brussels where she really fell in love with the traveling lifestyle. Using Belgium as a centrally-located home base, she ventured from Portugal to Prague and everywhere in between. Time flew and she eventually had to return home - but she knew that she'd be back soon.

            Since graduating, Danielle moved to Portland, OR where she spent two years working and waiting for the next adventure. She found it - or, more correctly, it found her. And it arrived at a time when she wasn't even looking. He came along one night in November at a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Even though it took him months and months to get a first date, she quickly realized that the two were more alike then she could have ever imagined. Combining a healthy level of competition with a deep passion for travel, visiting all 50 states quickly became the perfect goal for the two.