Where have you gone so far?

In order: Oregon, Virginia, (DC), Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, West Virginia, California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Hawaii.

What state is next?

Good question! We don't have any particular order, but feel free to suggest good ones!

When will you be done?

Another good question - we have no idea. It all depends on how fast we make it through the middle of the US. It always seems like we're flying over those states and not stopping, like we should be.

When did you start?

Well, we officially started dating in September of 2010. But this idea didn't come about until a month or so later. So roughly since the fall of 2010.

When will you finish?

Well, we think it depends on those pesky middle-America states. Since we always seem to fly right over them, it'll be more of a challenge to actually visit them. Maybe a cross-country roadtrip is in order!

What happens when you are done?

We'll be moving on to bigger things - maybe visiting every country??

Can I join?


Are you serious?

Of course not! Fellow travelers are always welcome. Special shout-outs to Trish, Laura and Lydia who have joined us on more than one occasion!