#1: ALL over Oregon

07/09/2010 10:00

He says...

            Well, what can I say about a state that I have called home for over 17 years? With the beautiful beaches, expansive mountains and rugged deserts, this place really calls to the outdoorsman. I feel proud to call Oregon home and I have tried to see every inch of it. When I met Danielle, I wanted to show her all that I could of this beautiful state.  Unfortunately, she saw me as a Ferrari driving, party guy and wouldn’t give me the opportunity.  It took a while to finally change her mind, but it was worth it in the end.

                I don’t feel that Danielle and I ever had a “date” in Oregon, but a week of excitement before she permanently left for the East Coast. It involved going to the zoo, eating the spiciest Thai food around and dancing in bars. After six months of trying, I finally got the chance to show her my Oregon…

She says...

            Well let me just start by saying that the two of us had apparently been on a number of dates in Oregon and I didn't even realize it. You see, while I am oblivious to all boys, Jacek has always told me that he had to 'call dibs on me' from the moment he saw me (way back the winter of 2009 at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in downtown Portland).

            While I soon became very active within our growing circle of friends, the two of us seemed to attend a ton of major functions together: Christmas parties, soccer games, civil war games (go Beavs!), Superbowl Sunday, and trivia nights to name just a few of our 'group dates'. Wherever we were, we had a blast; however, it was always with a ton of people. I didn’t have the slightest clue he wanted to go on a real, one-on-one date. But, apparently everyone else did.

            To back up for a second: I am an east coast girl had my sights set on going back. I had just sent in my grad school applications, was accepted to American University (in DC) and was planning to move in about 6 months. As a result, it was firmly planted in my head to not get involved with anything (or anyone) that could permanently tie me to the west coast. Boy, did I fail. But in this case, I'm kinda glad I did.

            For months, Jacek had asked me for an opportunity to take me out to dinner in order “to show off the city he loves so much”. In my utter obliviousness, I thought it was a harmless gesture - anything but a date! I initially said yes, but long-story-short, our schedules never ended up working out and we never had that dinner.

            Six or seven months later, aligned perfectly with the last week that I was Portland before driving back to DC, the stars aligned and we had our first date. Jacek showed up in style at my doorstep in his red Ferrari. We zipped to Beaverton where we grabbed burgers and listened to live Irish folk music at a smaller McMenamin’s tucked into the woods. After that, we drove along Skyline Boulevard and watched the sunset while drinking beer at a cash-only tavern. Then, we came back towards Tigard where we ended the evening with amazing desserts at a very fancy restaurant. I have a feeling that Jacek felt the need to make up for several months of no dates, so he surprised me by packing 3 completely different venues into one mega-date. But I do have to say, our very first date, and our very first state, was perfect.

On the Oregon Trail

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