State #14: Straddling the State

01/06/2011 10:14


He says...

        I really wish that we could have seen a lot more of Utah than just the Four Corners area because it is really one of the most beautiful states in the nation. I drove through it once years ago and I have always wanted to go back. It really has amazing geography and plenty of outdoor activities. This time when we went, however, there weren't many activities going on at all. In fact, we were at the Four Corners all by ourselves. When we first pulled up, we kind of thought it was closed because there weren't more than 2 other cars in sight.

        Turns out the souvenir shops hibernate in the winter. UGH!

        Unfortunately for us, we didn't get to stay very long. We were on a rather short timetable to get back to Arizona (to see my Ducks play in the BCS National Championship!), so we never had much of a chance to venture deep into the state. In fact, we never went more than 20 feet into it. We only got a glimpse of it from the Four Corners area. The silver lining was that we had the entire thing to ourselves. Got some great shots right on top of the corners.

        Of all the states that we have so far seen (which is now about 27 or so), Utah is the one that I want to return to the most. What we saw of Utah would be comparable to someone going to California and not seeing San Francisco or LA.  We will be back!

She says...

           So it’s hard to separate these two states (Colorado & Utah) considering we were literally standing in the two of them at the same time. After spending the night in gorgeous Sedona (and exploring their so called vortexes), we drove about four hours to end up at the Four Corners. The drive was every bit the stereotype of any mid-west desert-y state you can think of: flat land for miles and miles. And silence. There were no radio stations. It actually reminded me of that cartoon with the road-runner and coyote. But even that would have been more entertaining.

            We’d pass a Navajo trading post here and a dumpy gas station there, but for the most part, we were on the road solo. There was not even a major highway that led into the Four Corners. In fact, it was quite a few turns off of the main drag to get there. And I’m pretty sure we drove right by it the first time.

            It was quite the underwhelming experience.

            Maybe it was because it was the middle of winter in January. Or maybe it was because all the souvenir shops (with the exception of one) were closed. Or maybe it was because I had high expectations for this famous bucket list item. Whatever it was, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the experience – especially crossing off the new states.

            In fact, we had the entire photo opportunity to ourselves! Well - with the exception of a stray dog that took a massive liking to Jacek.

            There wasn’t another tourist in sight! I stood dead-center in the middle of four states and snapped a few pics before exchanging places with Jacek so he could do the same. Unfortunately, we didn’t go any further into either Utah or Colorado, so this date was quite a bit shorter than our others :)