State #19: Boston Strong

02/12/2011 20:58

He says...

            What’s the only state to end in 3 consonants? That’s right: Massachusetts! Yeah, I had to kick it off with a trivia question. Bonus follow-up: what is the only state that contains 4 consonants in a row? Hint: it’s pretty close to this state. (stay tuned for the answer)

            So we took some time off to drive up to MA from DC. It took a while, but it was worth it. Not only did we spot lighthouses along the (wicked freezing) waterfront, I also paid my first visit to the Plymouth Rock and Sam Adams brewery.

            One stop was super amazing playland for adults, and one stop was a rock.

            I’ll let you figure out which is which.

            Now, since I was raised in California and live in Oregon, I’m not – how should we say – used to such extreme weather. The freezing wind and chilling temperatures were not doing any favors for my sensitive eyes. It didn’t actually snow per se, but I imagine it would take a whole lot of it for any true Bostonians to notice. Danielle always raves about having four separate seasons, but to me, how can you turn down the perpetually sunny days of SanFran? Just doesn’t make sense.

            Anyway, since Sam Adams is a huge brand, they did the tour right. It was informative, yet entertaining, and of course: it had a lot of beer! I mean, the beer was no Natty Light, but it’ll do. We savored some sips at the brewery and enjoyed a full pint post-party trolley. All in all, I survived the winter of the northeast, but can’t say I’m in any rush to return when it’s so wicked cold!

            Oh, and the state with 4 consonants in a row: New Hampshire! 

She says...

            Looking back on it, driving our cah to Boston in February wasn’t too wicked smaht. After all, 6 inches is barely a ‘dusting’ here. Couple that with drivers who think that a turn signal is optional, a lack of New England teams in the Superbowl, and Jacek’s terribly sensitive baby-blue eyes in the gahdawfull winter cold – we probably could’ve picked a better time of year.

            Nonetheless, Sam Adams is pretty darn tasty no matter what time of the year it is!

            Having seen commercial after commercial of hairy-faced, jolly men in suspenders dancing around in between the barrels of barley and buckets of wheat, we decided it was high-time that we paid a visit to the famous brewery.

            Now, I’ve been to my fair share of breweries (heck, I’ve even lived in Brussels – one of the beer capitols of the WORLD), so when I say that I am impressed by Sam Adams brewery, I was really (or should I say wicked) impressed!

             So I believe it is Massachusetts state liquor laws that say any establishment can’t give out more than 21 ounces of beer to an individual for free. So Sam Adams makes very sure to serve exactly that! (however, the tour guide did say that since he can’t pour the remaining beer back into the tap, he’d turn around for a hot second and wouldn’t say anything if said beer happened to disappear!)

            Now, after you had a good series of sampling, the next step is only logical: the PAHTY TWOLLEY!

            For those of us living in the other 49 states: it’s a paRty tRolley.

            Yep. The very first pub in Boston that served Sam Adams now has its own dedicated trolley that will chauffeur tipsy guests from the brewery directly to their front door. Pretty dang sweet. Not to mention the fact that you get to keep the Sam Adams glass when you order a pint! Or, even better, the driver. Imagine Rocky meets Snooki meets Robin Williams. I mean, this guy was in a league all his own. His entire job was to drive a trolley, decked out with a speaker system, neon lights, and a disco ball. How could you not be happy?

            So despite the weather, wind, and worry – we had a wicked good time!!