#2: Beers & Bars in Virginia

08/18/2010 20:32

He says...

            Since Danielle lives in Arlington, we have had plenty of dates in Virginia.  I guess it would be only appropriate to talk about my first day on the East Coast.  So I wouldn't call it a date, but our first day together I met up with my close friend Yaz in the afternoon.  We had a few beers together and them met up with Danielle at a bar.  We continued onward to another college bar in downtown Arlington where the above picture was taken. 

She says...

            So fast-forward one month from our first official date in Oregon. I moved to a new city, started a new grad school and got a new job. Needless to say, I didn’t have time for a boy. But apparently Jacek had other plans.

            A few texts turned into a few phone calls. A few phone calls turned into hours of conversation, and before we knew it – it was weird if we didn’t talk on the phone each day. We talked about absolutely everything, and soon we talked about Jacek coming out to visit the east coast.

            The very first time we were on the east coast together was a few weeks before we officially started dating. I think to this day, Jacek claims he flew in “just to visit his friend Yaz" (who also happened to be in DC for the summer). Yaaah, right.

            Having Yaz there was great because there was no pressure, and Jacek had tons to do when I class. The two boys were thoroughly involved in their own bromance: they would hang out, work out, compare iPhones and eat sushi. Then, on the weekends, Yaz would take us to the bars in DC he was doing business with.

            For our first date in Virginia, I remember going straight from my first day of orientation on Capitol Hill, getting on the orange line and meeting up with the two of them in Clarendon. Of course, they had already found a great happy hour spot – or, more accurately, a row of happy hour spots. From there, we grabbed appetizers, another beer, dinner, another beer, and continued to make our way down the street. It was a great impromptu bar crawl made even better by the fact that it was the first night that Jacek was introduced to Yeungling

Home sweet home in Virginia

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