#4: Dirty Jersey

09/25/2010 20:38

He Says...

            So I have never been to New Jersey and since Danielle's favorite tv show is "Jersey Shore," it would only make sense that we would go there for our date.  We had to do it right by staying at a sleazy motel and drink cheap beer on the Boardwalk all night. 

            I was actually quite impressed by it and it reminded me of Santa Cruz, California, except there were a lot more bars.  We had slices of pizza, walked around quite a bit and had a beer at a few bars.  I couldn't tell you what the names of the bars were, but they were all very similar.  Some had really good cover bands, but they all had something in common: drinks named after the tv show's cast: The Situation, Snookie, J-Woww, etc.  Unfortunately, we did not see what the clubs looked like, but still, people watching all night was entertaining enough.  Unfortunately there were no Snookie sightings.  I don't know if I would recommend this place as a destination for a vacation, but if you are in the area, by all means, enjoy Jersey style pizza with your half yard of "Ronnie's Special."

She says...

            New Jersey was by far the state I was most excited to show Jacek! Having spent 4 years there in undergrad, I was familiar with the jughandles, the shore, the Wawa's and everything else Jersey. And yes, one of my guiltiest pleasures of all time is watching the "Jersey Shore" (go ahead and judge), so of course we had to walk around until we found where the cast lived and explored the rest of Seaside.

            He really wanted to pick a hotel somewhere in the town and quite far away from the boardwalk. An avid fan of reading consumer ratings online, Jacek wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of staying in a one-star motel on top of the boardwalk. After a several conversations about how we absolutely need to stay on the boardwalk, he finally gave in. Have I mentioned how smart Jacek is??

            Unfortunately, we arrived on a Sunday so the boardwalk was barren. With the exception of a few middle-aged ladies who had clearly taken ‘Sunday Funday’ to a whole new level, the people-watching was sub-par. Nonetheless, we ventured out of our 0.5 star motel and down the boardwalk. Stopping for shrimp cocktail here and "the Situation" mixed drink there, I was getting in the mood to fist pump. So we stopped to watch a cover band playing on the boardwalk. While I didn’t have any Snooki sightings, it did bring back a bunch of college memories. I was happy to share them with Jacek (even if he doesn't understand the state at all)! Oh, and I can't wait for the next season :)

Dirty Jersey

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