#7: OSU Sneak Attack in Washington

10/16/2010 14:22

He says...

            To really set this scene up, you have to read what Danielle wrote about our Washington date first (below) and then come back to me. 

            After her "unplanned” visit, I was forced into something that stabs at the heart of any sports fan. You see, I am an Oregon Duck, and as anyone that truly understands sports in the Northwest, our mortal enemies are the Washington Huskies and the Oregon State Beavers.  Just imagine how the Red Sox and Yankees fan feel, and well, that is us up in our corner of the country.   Unfortunately for me, I lost a bet to Danielle that I would go to an Oregon State Beaver game with her.  Now normally this wouldn’t be so bad, I could always root against them, couldn’t I?  Apparently not at this game: I had to go to a Husky vs. Oregon State Game. 

            This was the worst sporting event that I could ever voluntarily attend. 

            I couldn’t root for anybody.  Not only that, but both teams were terrible, so I couldn’t even watch a good game.  And then it had to go into overtime!  We ended up staying there till around 11pm and didn’t even have enough time to go out in Seattle properly. “The horror! The horror!”

            We managed to get back to our hotel, have a bite to eat in the bar (along with a beer to drown my sorrows) and then hopped into bed.  At the very least we were well rested for the morning and got a chance to walk around Pike Place Market and enjoy one of the relatively few sunny days in Seattle.  That did make up for some of it, and as long as I am with Danielle, I am happy, but man, that was a tough night….


She says...

            So anyone that knows me knows that I’m horrible when it comes to playing pranks or pulling off a surprise. I smile, shift my eyes and fidget. I’m horrible because I always give it away! Anyway, the best part about a long-distance relationship is that you can’t see any of these things over the phone…

            During one of our many conversations, Jacek and I were trying to plan our next trip to see each other. One night, he had made the mistake of telling me (and I quote) “I, Jacek Brown, will take Danielle Wilsey to any game of her choice, provided she comes out to Oregon for the event”. … baaad choice putting that in writing when you know that the teams we each root for are bitter rivals.

            Anyway, since I was a part-time research intern at the time, I was able to take more time off of work on a regular basis. Little did he know that I had already moved around my schedule, booked a flight and had planned to be there on his doorstep in less than two weeks. To keep it a surprise, I had to tell him that I was super swamped with midterms and work during that time period of mid-October. That way, he wouldn’t try to fly over here (which would really ruin my plan).

            I enlisted the help of several mutual friends, as well as his roommates. The day of the flight, I made up a long and elaborate story about how my phone was dying at work and my classes ran extra late (in order to cover for the fact that my phone would be off for the 6+ hour flight). I was completely making it up as I went. Thank god he couldn’t see my muting the phone in order to laugh my butt off on the other end. If I do say so myself, the plan was brilliant.

            Ten hours later, I arrived at his doorstep, printed email in hand. It was almost midnight when I arrived, so he had gone to bed and was waiting for me to call (thinking I was still on the east coast with a dead cell). With the help of Trish who drove me to his house and Shawn who snuck me in the back door, I snuck across the living room and knocked on the door. A few minutes and several grumbles later, Jacek finally answered. I believe I handed him the email and said “I’m here to take you up on the offer: I hear that OSU is playing in Seattle this weekend”. And that was our Washington date.

OSU Sneak Attack in Washington

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