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            Colorado is one of those states where you really need to come to with an agenda.  Whether you come in the wintertime to go skiing at either Vail or Aspen, or in the summertime to Denver to explore the city or anytime in between to enjoy the great outdoors.  Now I have crossed the state twice now, but never managed to spend any real time there.  Both times I was either coming or going.  Unfortunately, this also happened to be one of those times. 

            Danielle and I were on a roadtrip of the Southwest and there was no real room to stop off in Colorado for a significant amount of time.  We were well on our way to New Mexico and managed to stop at the famous "Four Corners."  This was the only place in the United States where you could be in four states at the same time.  It was pretty neat to see, but it was also out there in the middle of no where on some Indian Reservation.  Oh, and it was cold (as you may be able to tell by the snow in the background)!  So I wish I could tell you how much fun we had playing in the snow and enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery, but that really isn't the case.  The picture pretty much says it all....

She says...


            So it’s hard to separate Utah & Colorado considering we were literally standing in the two of them at the same time. After spending the night in gorgeous Sedona (and exploring their so called vortexes), we drove about four hours to end up at the Four Corners. The drive was every bit the stereotype of any mid-west desert-y state you can think of: flat land for miles and miles. And silence. There were no radio stations. It actually reminded me of that cartoon with the road-runner and coyote. But even that would have been more entertaining.

            We’d pass a Navajo trading post here and a dumpy gas station there, but for the most part, we were on the road solo. There was not even a major highway that led into the Four Corners. In fact, it was quite a few turns off of the main drag to get there. And I’m pretty sure we drove right by it the first time.

            It was quite the underwhelming experience.

            Maybe it was because it was the middle of winter in January. Or maybe it was because all the souvenir shops (with the exception of one) were closed. Or maybe it was because I had high expectations for this famous bucket list item. Whatever it was, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the experience – especially crossing off the new states.

            In fact, we had the entire photo opportunity to ourselves.

            There wasn’t another tourist in sight! I stood dead-center in the middle of four states and snapped a few pics before exchanging places with Jacek so he could do the same. Unfortunately, we didn’t go any further into either Utah or Colorado, so this date was quite a bit shorter than our others :)

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

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