He says...

            So for our first real week together as a couple, I flew out to Washington DC to see Danielle and explore the East Coast. On the last day of the trip I had to fly out of Baltimore airport, so we decided to check out the inner harbor of Baltimore. No offense to anyone living in Maryland, but it wasn't exactly the nicest place to visit in the state. We walked around the harbor, looked at some boats, had a bite to eat and left as soon as possible. I wouldn't recommend this palce to anyone, but we were only there for an afternoon. So if you are from Baltimore, and there is something really cool to see, please let us know about it! 

She says...

           After about a week or so, Jacek had to fly home. Of course, the poor boy assumed that everything on the east coast is half an hour from everything else. Not quite true. So, he booked his flight out of Baltimore (thinking it was the same as DC). Not the worst thing in the world; but, I did live walking distance from the DC airport! What a cramp. So, the very first time we were in Maryland together was bitter-sweet because I had to drop him off at the airport.

            Jacek always claims he isn't a fan of the city, but I can't see why not - it has pubs, boats and more boats. In fact, we had to stop quite frequently so that he could drool over the really big ones. I think he even thought about hopping over the dock fence just to get a closer look. I am also pretty sure Baltimore was the birthplace of the phrase: "my boat looks just like that one except..."

            It’s the phrase that I now have to listen to every time we pass any body of water.

            Even though we had the opportunity to walk around the harbor, grab an early happy hour at an Irish pub and watch the boats come in, it was a little bit sad. Although he probably won't admit it - I bet he was sad to leave too. I still remember standing at the terminal watching him board the plane with just a laptop bag (how he packs so lightly is a mystery to me). After pulling away, it was a long ride home. You know, because of the DC traffic! ;)

Crabshacks and Beer in MD

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