New Mexico

New Mexico

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I really thought that New Mexico would be one of the last states that we would get to visit on this adventure (well, that and North Dakota),  but we figured that since it wasn't all that far away from Arizona, we could make it an overnight trip and spend some time in Santa Fe.  So after driving all day in the bitter cold weather and stopping off at various vista spots, we cross into New Mexico and pull into town just as the sun went down.  Although it was the middle of winter, Santa Fe was quite the tourist spot, so the town was bustling with activity. 

    We managed to get a really nice hotel because it was a part of my timeshare.  And since we had our own living room and kitchen,  it was decided that after a long day of driving, we would get some groceries and cook a really nice meal with some wine and eat fireside.  Of course it was as wonderful as it sounds, but I will intensionally leave out some of the better details of the evening.  Soon after dinner though, we decided to walk around the main square and see what the town had to offer.  There were lots of art galleries and nice restaurants all around.  The architecture was exactly what you would expect of the Southwest with lots of Native American influence.  Unfortunately, it was pretty cold, so we ducked into a brew pub and had a beer.  Even in the bar, I really got the impression that the town was a very upscale place, with the exception of the Native population.  Everyone seemed very nice and the whole town left a better impression on me than I would have expected.  Next time we go back, we will have to explore the beautiful mountains that surround the area.  Oh, and we will make sure that it will be summertime too!


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