Rhode Island

Rhode Island


He Says...

          How in the world can this teeny-tiny microscopic blip on the US map be the the smallest state in the union AND also the 2nd most densely populated?? Damn, the east coast sure packs in the peeps.

          We barely had time to stop for "kaw-fee" before we were at the other end of it. Seeing no obvious tourist attractions in Little Rhody, we did manage to stop and grab a nice dinner on our way through to Massachusetts (again, to visit Danielle's abnormally large clan of kin).

          I was really hoping that there would be a bar called "the Drunken Clam,"just like the one that you would see on TV.

          SPOILER ALERT: it is closed!! So, we left as parched as we had entered. However, I would imagine that that would be a very popular bar if someone opened it up. Hmmm, mentally noting this for future business opportunities. Any takers??

She Says...

          Oh, Rhode Island. You are like Delaware, only more north. People don’t drive to Rhode Island, they drive *through* Rhode Island. I think probably the only exception is our good friend Carrie, who went to college in Providence. GO FRIARS! 

            We were on the road from DC to Boston. After taking a right turn in NYC, we spent maybe 2 hours driving across Connecticut, then we finally hit Rhode Island. Careful, though, if you blink you’ll miss it!

            Basically, we hugged the most southern border of RI on the way up to Boston. The ‘dating’ part of this ‘stating’ had to be pretty quick: we had 45 minutes border to border. That, and the fact that it was 30 degrees outside in February meant we did not want to be out of the car that long!

            Jacek + iPhone + his amazing sense of direction = a solution.

            As much as we love to take our state pic in front of the state sign (usually saying something like “welcome to our state, home of [insert random major crop we export here]”), they tend to be located on the side of a major highway. I’m sure my mother would not be terribly happy knowing I pulled off to the side of a 6-lane highway to take a picture while crazy east coast drivers whizz by at 70+ mph. At least when her and I did a roadtrip, we just took an ‘action shot’ as we whizzed by at 70+ mph. Wilsey women weren’t stopping.

            Anyway, back to Rhode Island - or Lil Rhodes,as I like to call it.

            Since there are only so many roads that enter/exit the lovely state, odds are that they’ll all have a “welcome sign” next to them. You know what? We bet right. So, iPhone in hand, Jacek directed us. Hopping off the last exit before the end of the state, we snaked down a windy state road paralleling the highway. Probably pissing off the locals with our slow-moving, out-of-state license plate, we searched for that little blue sign!

            Finally, we saw it. Bazinga!

            There it was, tucked away next to a Dunkin Donuts (sidenote: the BEST northeast staple ever)! Of course, we had to stop there first for some coffee. Or as us New Englanders prefer: kaaawww-feeee. Afterwards, hot yumminess in hand, we tip-toed past the overgrown brush to snap a pic with the sign – we made it! State #18 is in the books!

            Cya later Delaware of the north!

FALSE ADVERTISING ALERT: Nothing About You Is An Island & the Drunken Clam is Closed!

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